From winter to summer. From summer to spring.

We traveled again – through the seasons of the year for 10 days! The foreign audience met a new program from the Jin Roh Circus! The new show had a great  success so overseas stages are waiting for us again! Kherson – Sri Lanka – Dubai. And it was the new mark on Jin Roh’s map.

The largest European cruise company «Costa Cruises» have met Kherson circus performers on board of one of its ships again! As guests of honor Jin Roh Circus appeared for the audience of France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK!

Exhausting days of the way, many hours of flights and transfers – it’s worth it to see the eyes of the grateful audience and hear «Bravissimo!», «Bellissimo!», «Herzlichen Dank!».

During these 10 days Jin Roh traveled through several time zones and twice managed to cross the equator! Is to appear in the summer during the winter – you need to get lost in time!